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About Cyprus

the place for an ideal overseas house


Since earliest times the beautiful Mediterranean island Cyprus has welcomed  visitors to it’s shores. Today Cyprus is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. The island is a unique blend of stunning scenery and a rich archaeological inheritance that  is intrinsically interwoven with the myths and legends of the beautiful goddess Aphrodite whose legacy was to earn Cyprus the name Island of love. Wherever you travel, the rich history of the island is evident. It’s colourful history stretches back 10,000 years. Since 1200BC the island embraced the Hellenic culture which prevailed ever after.



Phoenicians, Persians, Romans and Venetians have all left their footsteps on the island’s soil. Roman mosaics, Byzantine churches and Venetian fortifications are just part of the island’s rich cultural inheritance. It is an island of colourful contrasts between old and new, seascapes and landscapes, the bustle of the towns and the tranquillity of the villages, and for more than 330 days each year it is bathed in glorious sunshine. Each year the island welcomes visitors with special interests in walking, cycling, archaeology, byzantine art and much more.

a location where past and present blend


The charming coastal region of Larnaka is truly the Mediterranean destination for all seasons. Larnaka is considered to be Cyprus’s oldest town, with a history of 4500 years. It is the gateway to Cyprus and a magical blend of old and new. From its traditional architecture, authentic taverns and local handicrafts to its cultural sites and religious monuments. The Palm Trees Promenade is the most beautiful and cosmopolitan seafront area in the whole Cyprus. 


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The charming palm-lined avenue is bordered by the Marina, the Larnaka Medieval Castle, a popular sandy beach awarded with the EU Blue Flag and a line of busy cafes and restaurants. Saint Lazarus church is one of the most important surviving Byzantine monuments in the whole of Cyprus. This stone build church was built in the 9th century on the resting place of St. Lazarus whose tomb lies under the sanctuary and can be visited. The Larnaka Salt Lake is a stunning protected area which is home to migratory birds and especially vast flocks of flamingos each winter.Stavrovouni Monastery was built by Saint Helen in 330 AD located on a rocky peak with a panoramic views and a prominant feature from Faros Sea Residence.

Pervolia, the place to be...!


Pervolia is located about 15km only  from the centre of Larnaca and is famous for it’s 4km long attractive, unspoilt beach with crystal clear water. You can enjoy the warm  hospitality of the local people and sample the delights of the Cypriot restaurants and local Tavernas. Just a short car ride from the lively town of Larnaka. Pervolia is a quiet village. Friendly locals and unspoilt beaches provide the perfect relaxing enviroment.


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